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Bullion deal means investors can order gold online and have it stored in a personal Fort Knox

Bullion deal means investors can order gold online and have it stored in a personal Fort Knox

Rob Halliday-Stein, founder of BullionByPost, speaks to the Daily Mail about offering high security, insured and allocated storage for customers buying gold bullion online. BullionByPost is partnering with secure storage firm Brink’s to store gold and silver at ‘an undisclosed high security UK location’.

With many investors looking to purchase valuable bullion, storing it is often a worry. Halliday-Stein says “We approached Brink’s based on the quality of their services and experience in storing precious metals. It’s been two years in the planning.” The service allows customers to buy bullion from the BullionByPost website which is then sent directly to Brink’s for secure storage.

Although the storage service is currently only available to customers buying bullion directly there is a possibility of widening it to anyone who already owns physical gold. 

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April 2014 | Daily Mail

Indian silver imports fall as gold curbs ease

Professional Jeweller

Professional Jeweller speaks to Rob Halliday-Stein, founder of BullionByPost, about the easing of import restrictions on gold into India and its side-effects on silver demand.

With India easing the restrictions on importing gold, Reuters have suggested that the demand for silver is likely to fall from the record high levels experienced in 2013. India, which currently accounts for 20% of the world silver consumption, tripled imports of silver in 2013 after restrictions on gold imports were put in place in a bid to cure a high current account deficit and combat illegal smuggling.

However, questions have been raised as to whether the industry should read too heavily into the situation in India. Halliday-Stein said, “The long term picture for silver is governed by so many factors it’s difficult to predict” and later stated that the “fundamentals for silver are still very strong.”

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March 2014 | Professional Jeweller

Stockings to strain with gold bullion this Christmas

Stockings to strain with gold bullion this ChristmasRebecca Burn-Callander, Enterprise Editor at the Telegraph speaks to Rob Halliday-Stein, founder of BullionByPost about how subdued gold prices have sparked a Christmas stocking goldrush.

With gold prices currently at a three year low, Birmingham-based bullion dealer BullionByPost.co.uk have seen a 100 per cent increase in orders on 2012.

The rise has been mostly market-driven, with customers ordering large quantities for investment purposes, Halliday-Stein said, but the "Christmas stocking effect" has been behind a huge increase in smaller orders with BullionByPost currently seeing 500 orders a day.

Popular stocking fillers include gold sovereigns, costing just under £200, 1g gold bars, costing under £40 and Britannia silver coins, costing around £26. 

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December 2013 | The Telegraph

BullionByPost Win Best Financial Services at the 2013 eCommerce AwardsBullionByPost Scoop Best Financial Services Award

BullionByPost scoop the award for Best Financial Services at the eCommerce Awards for Excellence following another record year for sales.

BullionByPost were shortlisted in a competitive group alongside LV=, MyBank, Nutmeg, eWAY, Ukash, Avantia Group and 1st Central Insurance Management. The award was presented to BullionByPost Founder and Managing Director Rob Halliday-Stein by TV comedian and host for the evening, Rob Beckett.

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October 2013 | E-Commerce Awards 2013

Gold Price Falls Fuel 'Record' Bullion Sales

Gold Price Falls Fuel 'Record' Bullion Sales - TelegraphBullionByPost Founder & Managing Director, Rob Halliday-Stein tells the Telegraph how the latest gold price falls have fuelled consumer demand for gold bullion describing Friday 28th June as a 'record' day with over £1 million sales.

“For every seller there’s a buyer,” says Halliday-Stein. “The sellers tend to be big and fast and the buyers smaller and slower. The reason they are buying has not changed - it is because they are worried about the medium to long-term outlook for the economy, and QE.”

Halliday-Stein goes on to predict that despite recent gold price falls, bullion sales will continue to grow and is very confident the popularity of gold will continue to grow as more people look to spread risk. Management forecast turnover of more than £120m for the next financial year after sales hit £87m in the year to April, 58 per cent up on the previous year.   

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Published 29th June 2013 | The Telegraph

BBC Radio 4 Interview Rob Halliday-Stein

BBC Radio 4 Interview Rob Halliday-SteinListen to BullionByPost Founder & Managing Director Rob Halliday-Stein interviewed on BBC Radio 4 You&Yours show on how the recent gold and silver price drops have affected his growing business. 

Rob explains how increased demand for gold and silver bullion has forced him to recruit new staff and seek a new larger premises in Birmingham city centre. Rob also goes on to detail how the recent price dip has resulted in an unprecedented surge in demand for physical bullion with thousands of new private investors buying gold for the first time.

Listen to the whole interview on the BBC Radio 4 website

Aired April 2013 | BBC Radio 4 You&Yours

BullionByPost's Gold Bars Star on BBC2 Newsnight 

BullionByPost on BBC Newsnight Market commentator Max Keiser (of the Keiser Report) and economist Daniel Knowles appear on Jeremy Paxman's BBC Newsnight on Wednesday 17th April to discuss the recent gold price falls alongside BullionByPost's 10 x 1KG Metalor gold bars valued in excess of £300,000.

Ex-trader Keiser continues to back gold and argues the fundamentals of owning physical gold have not changed claiming that the recent price dip offers individuals another great buying opportunity, contrastingly Knowles is pro-paper.

Watch the debate on Jeremy Paxman's BBC 2 Newsnight

Aired 17th April | BBC Newsnight on BBC 2

Gold Rush Brings Home the Bacon for Bullion Entrepeneur
Gold Rush Brings Home the Bacon for Bullion Entrepeneur

This week alone, online bullion retailer BullionByPost has received over 2,500 orders as people flock to buy gold at bargain basement prices.

The price of gold fell to a two year low earlier this week, down 9.2 per cent to around $1,395 an ounce. Bad news if you're holding onto loads of 'paper gold', trading the stuff electronically, but for those selling cold hard nuggets of the stuff, it's brought about a sales boom.

Entrepeneur Rob Halliday-Stein has been inundated with orders at his online bullion store www.BullionByPost.co.uk. On an average week, he processes around 600 orders and receives a few thousand visitors to his website. This week, he has received more than 250,000 visitors and 2,500 orders, driving £5m worth of revenue.

"The falling price of gold has been driven by a very small number of very big, fast sellers such as banks or hedge fund selling large amounts of gold electronically", explains Halliday-Stein. "But of course this is electronic gold as opposed to bullion, so it's not actually moving anywhere. However, customers are seeing the low price and placing orders as they are concerned about the overall economy and see physical gold as a long term investment." Read the full article on the Management Today site
Published 19 April 2013 | Management Today

Cyprus Bailout Woes Sparks Rush on Buying Gold

Cyprus Bailout Woes Sparks Rush on Buying GoldFears about continuing economic instability across the eurozone, exacerbated by the Cyprus bailout, have seen demand for gold soar, according to internet dealer BullionByPost.

The company, which sells and delivers bullion to customers via Royal Mail, said it had seen weekly sales triple to more than £4million in the past two weeks.

It expects to record a turnover of £75million for the year to the end of April, up 40 per cent on the previous year.

The company said most of the demand has come from new customers. It also claimed to have been 'inundated' with inquiries from people living in Cyprus wanting to buy gold.

This includes Cypriots and British expats, as well as people living in the UK but with bank accounts in Cyprus.

Read the article on ThisisMoney.co.uk 

Published 31st March 2013 | This is Money 

How I Struck Gold on the Internet

How I Struck Gold on the InternetThe route to becoming an online millionaire didn't quite happen as Rob Halliday-Stein planned. In the final year of his economics  degree he and a friend built a student accomodation website. Unfortunately, the dotcom bubble burst and, instead of becoming an internet millionaire, Halliday-Stein went to work for an opticians - Dolland & Aitchison. 

There, having impressed in different departments, he was allowed to run its online business. At the time the firm "had a website that it wasn't doing anything with", so Halliday-Stein began to experiment. After seven successful years and now an expert in online retail, he left to help Asda launch the internet side of its George clothing line. But just ten months into the job, Halliday-Stein's mother died. He left the company, determined to make a fresh start. But doing what?

Read the full article on the MoneyWeek website (MoneyWeek subscrption required).

Alternatively, view the article on the BullionByPost website.

Published 11 March 2013 | MoneyWeek

 Striking Gold: Rob Halliday-Stein

Striking Gold - Rob Halliday-SteinIn a downturn, strong, fast-growth businesses are like gold dust: we need them if our economy is to grow and thrive. Birmingham's BullionByPost is well and truly a child of the recession.

All too often we hear about the losers of the recession; tales abound of businesses – large and small – going to the wall. Just last month, HMV and Blockbuster, two of the high street’s best-known brands, hit the runners. 

And then, every once in a while, a business emerges triumphant, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of our once-thriving economy. BullionByPost is one such firm. The founder of the Birmingham-based business, Rob Halliday-Stein, struck gold when he realised that the banking industry had gone to the dogs and people were looking for other ways and means to invest their cash. 

Read the full article on the Elite Business website. Alternatively, view the article on BullionByPost.

Published 04 February 2013 | Elite Business Magazine

How I made it: Rob Halliday-Stein, Founder of BullionByPost

How I Made It: Rob Halliday-Stein, Founder of BullionByPostAS he waited outside the office of a London bullion dealer, Rob Halliday-Stein had his big idea.

Four years ago, after his mother died, he had travelled from Birmingham to find out how he could turn his inheritance into something he could keep hold of — GOLD.

The banking crisis was raging, and waiting with him were others wanting the safety of gold rather than money in a bank that might go bust. All were happy to pay a 5% fee for the metal. Halliday-Stein thought he could do it better — and cheaper.

In November 2008, he set up BullionByPost, an online gold and silver dealer. The business, which buys bullion from traditional dealers and delivers it to customers the next day, has gone from sales of £6m and a profit of £20,000 in its first year to a profit of £1.5m last year on sales of £55m. It is based in Birmingham and has 12 staff.

The company has handled more than 35,000 deliveries in Britain, from a £30 silver coin to a £500,000 gold shipment. The average order is worth about £3,000. Read more

Click here to view the full article on The Sunday Times website. Please note a online subscription to The Sunday Times website is required.

Alternatively, view the full article on the BullionByPost website.

Published 30 September 2012 | The Sunday Times

Entrepreneur Q&A: Rob Halliday-Stein, Founder of BullionByPost

Rob Halliday-Stein, Founder & Managing Director of BullionByPostMeet the man who's shaking up the staid gold bullion industry with a user-friendly, online shop. Rob Halliday-Stein, founder of BullionByPost, on the recession, the problem with diamonds, and The Italian Job.

Gold is all the rage these days. Seen as a safe investment, the precious metal has spawned a raft of businesses of the pawnbroking ilk.: ‘We pay cash for gold!’ scream advertisements. But there is another industry quietly making a mint off the back of the new gold rush: bullion traders. Management Today caught up with Rob Halliday-Stein, Founder & MD of BullionByPost to find out whether all that glisters really can make you pots of gold…

ManagementToday: What does BullionByPost do, in a nutshell?

Rob Halliday-Stein: We sell gold and silver bars and coins to individuals over the web. We buy the gold from the big, European refineries – Umicore and Metalor are two of the largest – and most of our coins from the Royal Mint, pay wholesale prices, and sell it on. It’s a straightforward mark-up business. Click here to view the Q&A

Click here to view the full Q&A with Rob Halliday-Stein on the Management Today website 

Published 11 September 2012 | Management Today

Real Wealth in Your Hands

Protecting your portfolio with physical gold could be the ultimate insurance for turbulent times

Real wealth in your hands - Physical gold bullion“SIX WEEKS TO save the world!” screamed the headlines in September, as the economic meltdown in the Eurozone showed no sign of resolution and global markets plummeted again.portfolio with physical gold could be the ultimate insurance for turbulent times

The expectation of an imminent world banking collapse may be a minority view, but it is increasingly held. On a national scale it has happened many times before, for example, in Germany, Russia and Argentina.

For private investors it poses the oldest question in the world – where is their money really safe? And growing numbers are choosing the oldest answer: physical goldClick here to view the full article

Click here to view the full Precious Metals Report sponsored by Bullion by Post, published by Lyonsdown and distributed within The Sunday Telegraph

Published 6 November 2011 | The Sunday Telegraph | Precious Metals Report


The best financial gifts to buy children this Christmas - Gold bullion

The Best Financial Gifts to Buy Children this Christmas

Sales of gold coins are up 50% compared with the pre-Christmas period last year as investors seek 'safe haven' gifts for children

Sales of gold coins in the past three months are up 50% compared with the pre-Christmas period last year and sales of silver coins have doubled as investors seek “safe haven” gifts for children.

The price of precious metals has soared as investors have sought “hard” assets during market uncertainty, and many predict it will rise further. Myles Zyblock at RBC Capital Markets, the investment bank, said gold could rise to $3,800 (£2,435) an ounce within three years. It was about $1,370 (£874) an ounce last week — a 25% rise since the start of the year.

Simon James at Moneysupermarket, the comparison website, said: “With households having to tighten belts, a gift that also offers some financial benefit is likely to be well received this Christmas.”

Click here to view the full article

Published 28 November 2010 | The Sunday Times

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