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Ancient Gold Coins

Gold coins have been used by various ancient civilisations since the 6th Century BC. These historic cultures have captured the imagination of successive generations, and the gold coins they used provide an insight into the daily lives of their people. These groups shaped the world today, and started the age old tradition of gold coins being used for trade. Holding an ancient gold coin in your hand is an undeniably exciting moment; these coins were handled by the merchants, law makers and perhaps even the rulers of these fascinating people.

Below, BullionByPost is proud to present our selection of ancient gold coins available for sale. Selected by our experts, and with our high-quality service, don’t miss out on owning such a special piece of history.

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The first gold coins were introduced by the Lydians in the 6th Century BC, and gold has been used to make coins ever since.

Because gold is a noble metal, ancient gold coins are surprisingly resilient to the rigours of time. They may be worn by the hands of the people, or marked by the teeth of traders testing for fakes, but they will not tarnish or rust like many other metals.

This means that ancient gold coins are often in incredible condition, with fine detail preserved and the text/images hammered into them still visible. The chance to own a tangible, physical piece of history from civilisations such as the Byzantine and Roman Empires, is undeniably alluring.

As time passes these parts of our past will become scarcer, and more valuable. Owning and preserving these ancient gold coins is a privilege, and BullionByPost are proud to add these coins to our selection. We’ll be adding new coins as we get them, check back regularly to see what treasures are available.