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Ancient Silver Coins

Our range of ancient silver coins offer the chance for collectors to buy old silver coins from some of the earlier civilisations in human history.

Silver was one of the first metals to be used in ancient coins, and quickly became the more common material of choice. As a more commonly found metal, silver was used for lower denominations, which meant they were far more numerous.

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Some of the first coins ever produced were by the Lydians in the 6th Century BC, and were made of electrum – a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver.

The Greeks were one of the earliest to produce massive numbers of silver coins, and these soon spread to through trade to the entire Mediterranean region, and even into the Egyptian empire. When Alexander the Great conquered the Persia they even spread east and into central Asia. The Drachm was a popular silver coin of this time, with the Tetradrachm (worth four Drachms) was also very popular.

These Greek coins became the foundation for the Roman coins, which even took the name of Drachm to begin with. As the Roman Empire became grew the silver Denarius became the most important coin of the Empire. The Denarius had a legacy that lasted for centuries, with the process of shortening monetary values using a ‘d’ for Denarius, which could be the basis for the UKs ‘p’ for pence.

The Drachm would continue to be used by many other Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern countries into the 7th century. The Byzantine Empire largely used gold for its coinage, but there was silver Miliaresion. The Ottoman Empire also had a small silver coin called the Akçes.

All of these ancient silver coins would have been handled by the men and women that drove the economies of some of the most famous and infamous empires of the world.