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Collectible European Coins

For much of the past 2000 years, Europe was one of the major driving forces behind the world's economy, and gold and silver coins flowed throughout Europe as a result. Covering such a wide time period, it is no surprise that there are a number of incredibly rare, old collectible coins that come from a range of European countries.

These coins are fascinating pieces to add to any coin collection; and give you the chance to own your own part of history. BullionByPost also have a range of collectible international coins in our World Coins section.

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As the Egyptian Empire gave way to the Greeks, Europe began to become a dominant player in the world space. When the Roman's expanded across Europe, bringing Christianity with it, the part Europe would play in world politics was solidified.

England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands all went on to dominate the shape of international religion, politics and trade. Coins moved freely between all of them, and flowed into Asia, Africa, and eventually America. Borders were carved up by these countries, and changed on a whim, as marriages were arranged, and wars waged.

Old French Coins

Old French coins celebrate the aristocracy of France; Kings like the famous Louis' and Charles', opulent palaces like Versailles, and eventually the new French Empire under Napoleon. The French Franc has a history beginning in 1360, and there are lots of rare, collectible French coins to be found.
Old German Coins
Germany was a collection of states for much of the past two thousand years, but still had large parts to play, especially in the founding of Protestantism. Germany wasn't unified until 1871, and coins from this period feature Kaisers such as Wilhelm I, and are of the Mark denomination.
Old Italian Coins
Even after that collapse of the Roman Empire, in which Italy dissolved into a number of self-governing city-states, Italy remained a dominant power across Europe. With Vatican City nestled in Rome, the heart of Christendom would continue to influence the course of European history. Old coins from Italy vary depending on where they come from; the Florin for example was a popular coin named for Florence. The Lire became the main Italian currency in 1861.

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