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Half Noble

The Half-Noble is an old gold coin used in England during the 14th and 15th century. The Half-Noble has a diameter of 25-26mm, and was worth 3s 4d (three shillings and four pence).

These coins feature some beautiful designs, showing excellent skill in the craft of coin stamping. Despite being over 600 years old, these hammered coins still show exquisite detail, and would make an excellent addition to any coin collection.

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The gold Noble was introduced as a replacement for the gold Penny and the Florin (Double Leopard) which had both proven unpopular. This made the Half-Noble one of the first issue of mass produced gold coins for England.

Many of the Half-Nobles produced under King Edward III would have been struck at the Calais Mint, at a time when France was still a part of English territory and heritage.

Nobles of various denominations would continue to be struck for over 100 years, eventually being replaced during the reign of Edward IV.