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Updated 02:20 18/10/19

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Half Unite

The Half Unite coin is very rare, and is also known as a Double Crown due to the shared specifications for the mintage of the coins. Officially, the Half United was only minted between 1642 and 1645, but Double Crowns appeared in sporadic production prior to these dates too.

Produced at the Tower Mint in London, the Half Unite would make a very rare piece to add to your collection.

Double Crown

At a value of ten shillings, the Half Unite often gets confused with the Double Crown. In numismatic circles, the Half Unite and the Double Crown are often listed as one and the same coin.

A Half Unite weighs approximately 4.56 grams, with a diameter of 26.2mm. A Double Crown is about 5 grams and 27mm in diameter; fractional differences that are hard to tell with the naked eye. Given the ageing process that will have affected these older collectables, the coins will likely have lost a fraction of their initial weight or diameter anyway.


Half Unite
The Half Unite gold coin was only minted between 1642 - 1645; a period which also saw the English Civil War, and the eventual end of Charles I’s reign. These coins can be identified by the portrait of Charles, but also the latin inscription - CAROLUS D G MAG BRIT FR ET HIB REX; Charles by the Grace of God King of Great Britain, France and Ireland.

For the following years England was ruled by Parliament under Oliver Cromwell. The Half Unite didn’t see production again, with other denominations taking its place.