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Three Farthings

The Three-Farthing was a silver coin, issued during the third and fourth coinages of Queen Elizabeth I. Due to the small number of coins minted, and the age of the coins, the Three-Farthing is quite rare, and can fetch impressive prices among collectors. The Three-Farthing would make an impressive addition to any Tudor coin collection.

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Issued during the third and fourth coinage of Elizabeth I, the Three-Farthing was part of an initiative to increase the variety of coin denominations, and improve metal content that had decreased under the reigns of her father Henry VIII, brother Edward VI, and sister Mary I.

The coin had a value of 3/4 of a penny, and closely resembles the three-halfpence coin, differing only in diameter. Almost all three-farthing coins were hammered, but a very rare milled issue took place in 1563. Only three such coins are believed to exist today, and fetch high prices amongst collectors. The hammered version is still quite uncommon, but discoveries by metal detectors have improved the amount available.