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Double Florin

The Double Florin is one of the rarest British silver coins available, and we're extremely excited to have them in stock at BullionByPost.

The coins were worth one fifth of a Pound and made up of 92.5% silver. Production only lasted between 1887 and 1890 - a four year minting window - meaning circulation was very limited compared to other coins of this era.

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The silver coin officially weighs 22.6g, though this varies due to inconsistencies with production as well as the ageing process. Another inconsistency was a printing error which occurred in 1887, with some coins using the Roman I rather than the Arabic 1 for the coin's date.

This florin was produced after Prince Albert's death, so the coin features Queen Victoria in her late portrait; dressed in black with a veil whilst mourning the loss of her husband. The obverse with Victoria's head was designed by Joseph Boehm, and the reverse with the shields and scepters was designed by Leonard Charles Wyom.


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