Chinese broadcaster CCTV has been encouraging the Chinese populous to buy physical gold since 2009. Gold is viewed very differently in China with gold given as a gift on birthdays, wedding and special occasions. The Chinese have an affinity with gold which is not seen in the west and the graph below indicates gold demand is increasing exponentially.Non-government gold demand in China

This increased demand is driven by an ever expanding middle class, which is expected to grow to 500 million by 2020. The Chinese like to save and there is evidence that Chinese households have started to turn the $7.5 trillion held on deposit into physical bars and coins. In 2013 physical gold demand in China has soared by 93%.

China’s retail investors consumed 2,797 tonnes of the 4,340 tonnes of gold mined last year which left only a fraction for the rest of the world. With an appetite for gold and incomes rising one has to ask where is all the gold going to come from?