A Romanian couple are to be deported from the U.S for alleged tax evasion worth $68 million. The couple left behind a stash of gold and silver coins worth $2.7 million in a fully equipped doomsday bunker.

Radu and Diana Nemes built an underground shelter with a built in kitchen, back-up generators, water filtration systems, four pistols and two AR-15 assault rifles. The couple had stashed enough food to last months plus 80 gold coins and 10,500 silver coins.

The FBI believes the couple bought a further $2.75 million in gold and silver coins which are yet to be accounted for.

Mr and Mrs Nemes were arrested by the FBI in March and are excused of illegally importing 1 million tonnes of diesel fuel into Romania via a number of shell companies.

It is alleged the couple had used the legal proceeds to buy numerous properties in and around Washington, a $3 million log cabin and a 70 foot yacht.