The Dutch National Bank (DNB) has successfully repatriated a large percentage of their gold vaulted at the New York Federal Reserve. In total 122.5 tonnes of gold have been shipped back to the Netherlands in what many have described a military like operation. According to the World Gold Council’s latest statistics, the Netherlands have 612.5 tonnes of gold which equates to around 50% of their total reserves.

The Dutch have been far more successful than Germany in getting their gold back from the U.S. In 2013, the Bundesbank said it would repatriate 374 tonnes of gold vaulted in Paris and a further 300 tonnes stored at the Federal Reserve in New York. 18 months later the German Central Bank has only managed to bring home 5 tonnes of gold from New York and 32 from the Banque de France in Paris. It now appears Germany has given up on repatriation plans.

It seems Central Banks around the world are becoming more and more concerned over their gold held abroad. In May, Austria sent a team to the Bank of England to audit their reserves. In November 2011, the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, successfully repatriated 180 tonnes of their gold held in the vaults of the Bank of England.