A lucky Frenchman who inherited a large home from relative in Normandy discovered 100 kilograms of gold squirreled away in numerous hiding places throughout the dead man’s house. The hoard is worth $3.7 million and included two 12-kilogram gold bars, 37 one kilo bars and over 5,000 coins.

The stash only came to light when the new owner began to tidy the house. First, he found coins stuffed in a tin box, then came more hided in a whiskey bottle. The gold bars were found under furniture and even in the dead man’s bathroom. According to the serial numbers the gold was purchased in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

As well as having to pay 45% inheritance tax, the beneficiary will also have to pay back taxes if the deceased failed to declare his bullion to the authorities, according to the local newspaper La Depeche.