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Gold Price Chart 3 Years UK GBP Per Ounce


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3 Year Change

40.06% £532.05

3 Year high £1,929.12

3 Year low £1,244.60

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Gold Price Chart 3 Years

The chart tracks the price of gold over the last 3 years per ounce in pound sterling (GBP).

Traditionally the price of gold is measured in troy ounces, however viewing the gold price over 3 years in grams may be useful for customers who have gold coins or bars measured in grams rather than ounces. For customers with larger holdings, seeing the gold price over 3 years in kg can be beneficial.

The world price of gold is influenced by major exchanges including the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), Comex in New York, Tocom in Tokyo and the Shanghai Gold Exchange with smaller exchanges in Istanbul, Moscow, India and Singapore. The gold prices shown are for 24 carat gold (99.99% purity).

The history chart shows the gold spot price history for the last 3 years in pounds sterling (GBP), but globally the gold price chart for 3 years in dollars (USD) is the preferred chart for tracking gold price history. For current pricing, the live gold spot price shows price movements in more detail.

XAU/GBP 3 Year Price Chart

XAU is the currency code for a troy ounce of gold. Commodities exchanges often use the notation XAU/GBP to show the price of a troy ounce of gold to the British pound (GBP).