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Gold Price Today UK in GBP per Ounce

Gold Price Today

View today's gold price per ounce in GBP Sterling UK. The gold price today chart displays the movements for the last 24 hours updated every 2 minutes. Looking to view today's gold price real-time? View today’s live gold price updated every 5 seconds.

Watching the daily gold price movements has become commonplace among UK investors in the past 5 years since gold started its golden run on the back of the banking crisis. Back in 2006/07 before gold become much publicised it was traditionally only traders and the largest UK gold investors who would monitor the gold price on such a regular daily basis. Since then the price has gone on an incredible run having trebled in 5 years peaking at £1,182 T/Oz in September 2011. Following a flat few months the gold price briefly dropped below £1,000 T/Oz in May 2012. However, this drop was short lived and recovered to £1,100 T/Oz and above by October 2012. View the 1 Year Gold Price chart.

Consumer demand for gold bullion bars and coins continue to hit new highs as investors are looking harder than ever to protect their money against inflation and currency depreciation. In addition to safeguarding their family’s future with gold, bullish investors are seeking strong returns on their investment. With stocks and shares, currencies and property continuing to falter in an underperforming UK and wider economy, individuals are looking to diversify their investment portfolios and place their money into physical gold which has consistently outperformed all other forms of investment on the market. 

Monitoring the daily gold price by has become a normal part of many investors day, whether it’s tracking the performance of their current gold holdings or spotting an0 ideal time the buy. We believe there is never a bad time to buy gold. However, investors choose to buy at different times. Some investors watch the daily gold price and buy when the prices are on the rise, alternatively some chose to buy when the prices are on a downturn. Although it could prove useful to watch the daily gold price, we think it is worth bearing in mind that if you think gold is a good investment, then we recommend you buy sooner rather than later. In fact we advise that everybody should hold some gold however small. It is also worth noting that the daily gold price fluctuations of perhaps £10-20 per ounce will not be the difference between a good investment and a bad investment. If you are confident the gold price will increase over the medium to long term, then we recommend buying gold when you can. 

Interested in viewing a different metal price chart? Simply see the panel on the left hand side to see some our most popular charts including the gold price history. Alternatively, use the chart options above to build the chart you want by currency, time frame, weight and metal.  

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