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Silver Price UK

BullionByPost is the UK’s favourite place to view the silver price via our real-time fast loading charts. As the UK’s No.1 online bullion dealer* we keep you up-to-date with all the latest movements in the price of silver updated every 5 seconds. Using the chart options above or from the navigation panel on the left you can customise your chart via Time Frame, Weight & Currency.

In addition to our default silver spot price chart displaying the price of silver in the past week, commonly viewed charts include the silver price per gram and per ounce, the price of silver today and the silver prices UK. The chart can be viewed in any time frame between 1970 and today, and in three different weights; grams, troy ounces and kilograms. The default setting is to show the UK silver price in GBP, however Euros (€) and US Dollars ($) are also available.

Silver Price Chart

It is possible to view the silver price chart according to more than ten different time frames including; Live, Today, Week, Month, 3 Month, Year, 3 Year, 5 Year and All Time. These allow you to build a chart according to your interests, and gain an insight into the fluctuations in the silver price throughout history. While we can never be sure of how the precious metal will behave in the future, looking at how it has changed in the past can give us an idea and the necessary perspective on its value to make the right choices in the future

It is also possible to view our silver price chart according to units of weight in Grams (g), Kilograms (kg) and Troy Ounces (T/Oz). Not all investors have the same budgets, and viewing the price per gram or troy ounce might be of more use to certain investors than kilograms, for example. The troy ounce is the typical was to measure the silver price, and many popular bullion products are produced to that weight. Grams will offer greatest use for those selling scrap silver, or those who own smaller sized bars.

Our Investment Calculator is an extremely useful tool that allows investors to see a variety of different packages, selected according to their budget. These will be sorted by various characteristics such as value for money or potential CGT benefits and are aimed to allow you to make the best possible investment decisions.

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Interested in buying silver? As the UK’s biggest online silver bullion dealer we offer a wide range of silver bars and silver coins at competitive margins. All our bars and coins are brand new and include free fully insured delivery. We are official authorised distributors for the Royal Mint, Metalor & Umicore.

Silver, as well as gold, is an extremely popular investment asset due to its proven ability to maintain a high value, regardless of the performance of the wider economy. For about as long as human civilisation has existed silver has been used as a monetary metal and is still trusted as a long term store of wealth today. Its ability to resist inflation and instability means that in times of economic and geopolitical turbulence, demand for silver bullion often soars. For example, as can be seen by the historical charts, after the world fell into recession in 2008, the price of silver rose by an extraordinary 340%.

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