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Silver Price per Ounce UK in GBP Sterling


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Week Change

-6.88% £-1.6751

Week high £24.5750

Week low £22.4820

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Silver Price Per Ounce

View the silver price per ounce in GBP Sterling (£) via our fast loading silver chart. The silver per ounce chart displays the price of silver for the last 7 days in the traditional troy ounce measurement. If you would like to see the silver price in any other time frame you can customise the chart via the options above to make the chart most useful to you.

In addition you can view our most popularly viewed silver charts via the navigation panel on the left with charts including the price of silver per gram and the latest silver price.

Silver Price Per Ounce UK

The chart above shows the current UK silver price per ounce in GBP (£). UK investors will find this the best way to view this week's silver price fluctuations.

Beyond global economic circumstances the silver price will also be impacted by currency fluctuations, and we also offer the silver price per ounce in Dollars and Euros for comparison, as well as international investors.

The silver price is traditionally quoted in troy ounces and this will often be the standard weight given for the most popular bullion coins including the Britannia, Maple and Eagles. For those looking for metric measurements used in jewellery and bullion bars, we also offer the silver price chart in grams and kilograms to suit a range of needs and investment sizes.