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Gold Price UK


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1.63% £29.72

Month high £1,913.85

Month low £1,816.23

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Gold Price UK

The Gold Price UK chart offers a comprehensive insight into the UK gold price per troy ounce in Pound Sterling (GBP £). This user-friendly chart loads quickly, making it an efficient tool for tracking changes in the UK gold price over a rolling month period.

The chart can be customised to view the UK price of gold in different time frames or using alternative weight metrics. You can easily switch between different time frames and weight metrics to suit your specific needs. Whether you're interested in short-term trends in the UK gold price or long-term market analysis, our chart adapts to your preferences, allowing you to focus on the data that matters most. To change the display simply use the options above the chart to select the timeframe and weight options to modify the view.

For many investors gold is considered a long-term investment and our Gold Price UK chart strikes a perfect balance. It captures both the overarching market trends and recent fluctuations of gold prices in the UK, all while sparing you the anxiety of minute-by-minute price changes. It's the ideal resource for investors who value a holistic understanding of the gold market.

While our core focus is on the UK gold price, the chart's is versatile allowing you to effortlessly switch between currencies, viewing the current gold price in Dollars and Euros for valuable cross-comparisons. Whatever your gold investment needs may be, our chart offers a versatile and informative platform to assist you in making informed decisions.