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Platinum to Silver Ratio - All Time

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-60.32 -64.32%

Alltime high 149.93

Alltime low 33.31

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Platinum : Silver Ratio

The platinum: silver ratio shows us the proportionate relationship between the respective prices of platinum and silver. Put simply, this is how much silver would be needed to buy a troy ounce of platinum.

Given the different sources of demand for the two metals, their values can rise and fall at different times and different rates. As such, the ratio tends to fluctuate very often, although it is easy to understand; when it rises, platinum is expensive relative to silver and when it falls, platinum is cheap.

All Time Ratio

As the rarest of the precious metals, platinum has always been worth considerably more than silver, although in recent years the extent to which this is true has decreased. While the prices of all precious metals have dropped significantly since their 2011 peak, platinum has fallen much more than the silver and gold in relation to its historical price, shortening the gap between their values. In the past platinum has cost as much as 154 times more than silver, however in February 2016 this ratio is now much closer to 60.

This information has the potential to be very useful for an investor. Looking at the fluctuations in the platinum : silver ratio, we can see that, compared to its historical average, platinum is currently rather cheap.For example, while a platinum bar has often been worth more than 100 silver bars of the same size, it would now only be worth around 60.