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Platinum to Gold Ratio - All Time

Current Ratio


Alltime Change

-0.8772 -68.84%

Alltime high 2.3908

Alltime low 0.3971

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Platinum : Gold All Time Ratio

The platinum : gold ratio is the relationship between the platinum price and the gold price. In more simple terms, this means how many troy ounces of gold can be bought with with one troy ounce of platinum. This is not a fixed ratio and changes according the movements of the two metals' respective prices.

Using the Platinum: Gold Ratio

It is calculated by dividing the platinum price by the gold price and allows investors to assess platinum's current value relative to gold against its historical average.

For example, looking at the platinum : gold historical ratio, we can see that before 2011 the ratio had always been above 1, meaning that one platinum bar was always worth more than one bar of gold. However we can also see that since 2015 this has not been the case, as platinum has experienced a sustained price dip while gold has maintained a high value. An investor may therefore interpret this to mean that platinum is currently undervalued.