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Gold Sovereigns - Sydney

The Sydney Mint was the first franchise of the Royal Mint to open anywhere in the world outside of Britain. The discovery of gold in Australia made such a deal advantageous to the Royal Mint, and would lead to other refineries opening up in Melbourne, Perth, and other countries across the British Empire such as it was then.

As one of the most important coins to the British Empire, the gold Sovereign was minted in all three Australian mints. Sovereigns struck at the Sydney mint are denoted with an additional 'S' to show where they come from, and generally feature the classic St. George and the Dragon design.

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Production of Gold Sovereigns at the Sydney refinery lasted from 1855 until 1926, though the other two refineries in Perth and Melbourne continued on until 1931. Like the other mints, the Sydney coins bore a mark above the year - in this case the letter 'S' - to indicate origin.

Coins made in Sydney before 1887 featured local designs on the reverse of the coin, before reverting to Pistrucci's artwork of St George slaying the dragon.

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