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Maltese Gold Coins

Buy Maltese gold coins from BullionByPost. The Republic of Malta is a small archipelago-based country in the Mediterranean Sea. Lying south of Italy in Europe, and north of Libya in Africa, Malta has seen multiple foreign influences dating back to the Stone Age. It became a British colony in 1815 and was made independent in 1964.

The lira was the official currency of Malta from 1825 – 2007 and now uses the Euro.

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Maltese Gold Coin History

Thanks to its strategic naval location Malta has seen a succession of foreign powers contesting for rule of the island. Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, Spanish and the British are just a few of the countries that have laid claim to Malta, and each has left some legacy behind when they left.

A mint was established in Malta in 1973 and the country’s currency and commemorative coins were produced here until 1995, when the mint ceased operations. Since then numismatic coins have been manufactured for Malta by the Royal Mint in the UK, the Dutch Royal Mint and the Royal Belgian Mint.

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