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Israeli Gold Coins

Buy Israeli gold coins from BullionByPost. With a rich history dating back to the birth of Christianity, Israel is a young country with a bloody past. Israel has issued its own currency since 1948 but the first gold coins appeared in 1960 in the form of the Lirot. Israel now use the new shekel as its official currency, following hyperinflation of the old shekel in 1986.

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Israeli Gold Coin History

As the modern 'Holy Land', the area of the Middle-East now known as Israel has seen invasions and occupation by foreign powers from all over the world. It only became the Israel known today in 1947 when the UN separated it from Palestine. Since then violence has still broken out regularly between Israel and neighbouring Arab League countries.

The Israel Coins and Medals Corp. was established in 1958 and produces commemorative coins for historical moments in Israel’s history. Since 2008 however it has been privatised.

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