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Pobjoy Mint

The Pobjoy Mint is a private company located in Surrey, England. The mint produces a range of circulation and commemorative coins for countries around the world, but is best known in the UK for its work with the Isle of Man Sovereigns, Nobles, and Angels.

Started in 1965, the company achieved significant acclaim a little over a decade later with the invention of Verenium; a man-made precious metal. This is still used in high denomination coinage to this date.

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Isle of Man Sovereign

The Isle of Man Sovereign is an identical style Sovereign to that produced by the Royal Mint, all bar design. The coin features a Manx (Viking) horse rider, complete with sword and shield, riding into battle.

The coin is 22-carat purity, weighs just shy of 8 grams, and has the exact same dimensions of diameter and thickness as the better-known UK version.

Isle of Man Noble

The Isle of Man Noble is notable for featuring a Viking longboat design. The boat is called 'Thusly' and is seen at sea in the imagery, with a Viking rope knit around the edge of the coin to add to the theme.

The island, situated between Great Britain and Ireland, was once ruled by Vikings and other Norse leaders - one of whom was the King of Dublin.

The design is a nod to the old English Noble coin, of similar style and specifications.

Isle of Man Angel

The Isle of Man Angel coin features the Archangel Saint Michael on its reverse side, depicted slaying a dragon akin to Saint George on British Sovereign coins.

Like the Noble coin, this is not a wholly original design - instead it is another throwback to English coins from Edward IV. Before 1992 these coins were 22-carat like Sovereigns, and after they were 24-carat 999.9 purity coins.

Isle of Man Pegasus

The Isle of Man Pegasus coin is a limited issue proof coin that was issued on behalf of the British Virgin Islands. It is 1 ounce (31.10g) of silver and was issued in 2017.

The coin depicts Pegasus, the famous winged horse from Greek mythology, as well as the goddess Athena.