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Andorran Coins

Buy Andorran gold coins from BullionByPost. Andorra is a landlocked microstate, nestled in the eastern Pyrenees. The European nation borders France and Spain, and is the 16th-smallest country in the world by landmass. As a diarchy, Andorra is ruled by co-princes the Catholic Bishop of Urgell, and the President of France.

As such a small country, coins from Andorra are extremely rare and will be make a great addition to a European coin collection. Please see our selection of coins from Andorra below. Need help buying a Andorran gold coin? Call our friendly staff on 0121 634 8060 or email support@bullionbypost.co.uk and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Andorran Gold Coin History

Although not a member of the European Union, Andorra uses the Euro as its official currency, but still keeps the Diner coins as a secondary bullion currency (much like the Royal Mint applies face values to British coins such as the Sovereign and Britannia).

Bullion coins for the micro state are produced by the Bavarian State Mint in Germany. The coins feature the Andorran coat of arms on the obverse and an Eagle on the reverse.