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St Helena Gold Coins

Buy St Helena gold coins from BullionByPost. Below are our selection of collectable coins produced by the Royal Mint on behalf of the island of St Helena - an overseas British territory in the South Atlantic.

The Royal Mint's Mohur can often be mistaken for being an Indian coin. This is because it is an homage to the original Mohr or Mohur coins from India, Nepal, and Afghanistan.

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St Helena Gold Coin History

The East India Company was pivotal in the colonisation of St Helena, used as a resting point in the middle of the South Atlantic for voyages between Britain and Asia. The island was discovered by the Portuguese, and used by Dutch sailors later before Francis Drake stumbled upon it. Noting its freshwater and previous visitors, the British naval forces in the area set up ambushes for Portuguese cargo vessels to dissuade others from the area.

The East India Company was given a charter of governance in 1657 by Oliver Cromwell, which was enacted two years later. It is the second oldest British overseas territory after Bermuda.

The island was used for the former emperor Napoleon's second exile, chosen due to French ownership of Longwood House. His stay was under British house arrest until his eventual death. Soldiers patrolled the island and the neighbouring island of Ascension - also a British territory - to ensure no rescue attempts.