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Hungarian Coins

Located in the centre of Europe, Hungary has had a rich, but violent history. Although now a member of the European Union, the official currency of Hungary is still the florint rather than the euro. The Hungarian Government announced its intention to change to the euro back in 2003, but so far has been slow to make progress towards this goal.

The Hungarian Florint was introduced in 1946, however we also have a number of Korona coins, a shared denomination with Austria, which were issued from 1892 to 1918. We also buy Hungarian Gold Coins of any age or denomination at very competitive rates. Please telephone 0121 634 8060 for a quote.

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Invasions of Hungary by the Turkish over the course of the last millennium drove it into the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1867. The end of World War I saw the empire collapse and Hungary lose significant amounts of territory and large amounts of its population. Following World War II, Hungary was a Soviet satellite until gaining independence in 1989 and joined the EU in 2004.

The Hungarian Mint has a history dating back a thousand years and is located in Budapest. It currently manufactures both circulation and commemorative coins celebrating key dates from Hungary’s past.

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