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Ounce Gram
Gold £1216.87 £39.123
Silver £14.430 £0.4639

Updated 06:46 22/09/19

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500 Gram Silver Bars

We supply 500g Silver bars available at low premiums from LBMA refiners Umicore and PAMP Suisse. Our 500 gram silver bars are brand new, pure 999.0 silver, direct from the manufacturers. Our Umicore Silver bar offers customers the cheapest way to buy 500 grams of 999.0 pure silver bullion ideal for investment. Prices include free fully insured next working day delivery.

When considering purchasing Silver bars, other than the weight of the bar and the trusted retailer to buy it, you shall also need to consider the brand and type of bar.

Why are Silver bar prices different between brands?

Despite being the same weight and .999 silver purity, the primary answer is down to who produced the silver bar. The reputation of the brand, similar to other consumer product, determines any additional premium along with the type of bar - Cast or Minted.

All our Silver bar suppliers are LBMA approved and are guaranteed in weight and fineness.

PAMP are a world leading independent Precious Metals refiner based in Switzerland and are recognised by the Swiss National Bank, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). PAMP minted bars have an exceptional finish and shine, and come beautifully packaged with certificates of authenticity.

This 500g minted bar depicts the famous "Lady Fortuna" who was the Roman Goddess of luck, prosperity and welfare, and is depicted with a blindfold over her eyes, symbolising life's unpredictabiility.It is believed ownership brings luck and prosperity.

For further additional reassurance of quality, bars are hallmark-stamped with their exact purity of contained Silver from their issuer as well as incorporating holographic features as an anti-counterfeit measure.


Umicore are one of the largest precious metal producers in the world today, and both their gold and silver bars are very popular with private investors. Approved bty the LBMA, all 500g Umicore bars are "Good Delivery" status which guarantees their purity and weight.

Their Silver bars are stamped 999 fine silver has its own unique serial number.

There are 2 main ways of creating precious metal bars, each with their own different result, below is an explanation of both cast and minted bars.

Cast Bars

Casting has been used for thousands of years and is often referred to as also "molded" or "poured". The process involves metal being heated until it turns into a liquid form and is poured into a mold to specifically to hold an exact weight and shape.

Once the metal cools down and solidifies, it is ready for engraving or further stamping, if this is not included in the mold itself.

Minted Bars

Minted bars tend to carry a higher price than cast bars due to further manufacturing input required for cleaner and more craftsmanship required in the finishing and embedded designs.

Generally minted bars are more visually more aesthetic to the eye, as this can also involve further manufacturing stages for polishing and cleaning.

What is Good Delivery bullion?

Good Delivery is the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) international tradability benchmark for maintaining high standards and guarantee in the manufacture and delivery of quality gold and silver bullion bars.