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Henry VI Coins

Buy King Henry VI coins from BullionByPost. Henry VI was the King of England between 1422 and 1461, and again from 1470 until his death in 1471. He ascended the throne at only nine months old due to the death of his father, Henry V.

King Henry VI was described as shy and passive, making him an ineffective ruler of the country and which ultimately led to England's military demise and subsequent civil war. The coins of King Henry VI were Nobles, Angels and Groats. Need help buying a Henry VI coin? Call our friendly staff on 0121 634 8060 or email support@bullionbypost.co.uk and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Predecessor : Henry V | Successor : Edward IV

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King Henry VI History

King Henry VI was also the disputed King of France between 1422 and 1453, due to the ongoing Hundred Years' War. Edward III had already given up hope of a claim to the French throne, but conflicts between England and France tempted the House of Plantagenet, the English ruling family, to keep up their fight for control of France.

France had greater funds for war, which ultimately led to them winning by attrition against England. The cost was so great that the War of the Roses began in protest against King Henry VI. The king was deposed in 1461 and replaced with Edward IV until 1470, when he was reinstated. This lasted for a year, before Edward had Henry captured and imprisoned in the Tower of London once more. It was here he died, though it's uncertain if death was natural or murder.

Coins made during King Henry VI's reign were minted at London, Calais and York - the episcopal mints of York and Durham also produced some local issues of coins. The Tower Mint master appointed deputies to oversee the production in these satellite mints.