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Persian Gold Coins

Iran - formerly known as Persia - has a recorded history dating back several millennia. The rial was introduced 1798 and the gold pahlavis denomination in 1930. The use of Persian script makes Persian coins difficult to identify and can often be overlooked by western collectors.

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The second largest country in the Middle East, Iran is best known for the religious and geopolitical conflicts that have dominated its modern history.

The Persian Empire existed from 550 BC – 1925 AD and can be divided into five separate dynasties. It became known as the Islamic Republic of Iran following a revolution in 1979.

Coins have been produced in Persia since the establishment of its empire. The Darics became famous across the ancient world, until the country was conquered by Alexander the Great.

The Central Bank of Iran was established in 1960 and has the exclusive right for issuing coins.

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