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Victoria Old Head 1893 - 1901

Our specific year Victoria Old Head gold Sovereigns are selected from only the finest condition coins in our stocks and will be significantly higher in grade compared to our Specific Head sovereigns. We aim for a coin grade of VF+ (very fine and above). Exceptional or rare coins will be listed with the photograph of the actual coin rather than a generic picture.

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Queen Victoria Old Head Sovereign

The Queen Victoria 'Old Head' Sovereign refers to those produced between 1893 and 1901. This was the third and final portrait of Queen Victoria, featuring the Queen in veil mourning the death of her husband. Gold Sovereigns issued in the Old Head style for Queen Victoria carry the T.B. engraver initials of Thomas Brock and were minted across the British Empire. As such, Victoria Old Head Sovereigns will occasionally feature mint marks to denote where they were struck.