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German Gold Coins

Buy German gold coins from BullionByPost. It wasn’t until the German Empire was formed in 1871 by Wilhelm I that Germany truly existed, having previously been a collection of states, and not until reunification in 1990 that it operated as a single country.

The Mark (also known as a Goldmark) was the original currency since the original unification in 1871 and was reformed as the Deutsche Mark in 1948 for Western Germany. Since 1999 Germany has used the euro currency.

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German Gold Coin History

As a country that spent most of its past as a collection of states, it should be no surprise that there are four mints in Germany. The oldest of these is the Hamburgische Münze, located in Hamburg which has been in operation since 834 AD. The Staatliche Münzen Baden-Württemberg however was established in 1998, and when Latvia joined the eurozone in 2014 was chosen to mint their coins.

Older German Marks will typically feature a portrait of German Emperor’s Wilhelm I, Friedrich III and Wilhelm II. More recent coins will be commemorative euro coins.

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