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Turkish Gold Coins

Buy Turkish gold coins from BullionByPost. A meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa, the Republic of Turkey has had a rich history going back millennia. Following the abolition of monarchy in 1922 the Republic was established in 1923.

The Lira existed as part of the Ottoman empire in 1844, and then in Turkish forms from 1923 -2005, and 2005 – present, following redenomination.

Gold coins minted in Turkey are commonly marked with the year 1923, in which the Republic was founded, followed by the number of years that have passed since then. Along with Lira, there is the Piastres - or Kurush - coin.

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Turkish Gold Coin History

The Byzantine and Ottoman Empire are two of Turkeys most famous ruling powers but has been under the control of a diverse range of civilisations including the Assyrians, Greeks and Mongolians.

It’s capital Ankara is somewhat lesser known to that of its largest city, Istanbul. Formerly known as Constantinople, it is home to a collection of beautiful architecture and some of the world’s most famous mosques.

The Turkish State Mint, founded in 1467, was known originally as the Constantinople Mint and is still located in Istanbul today. It is now state-owned and is responsible for minting all of Turkey’s coinage.

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