New sales figures from the United States Mint show that demand for the 1oz Eagle coins has already surpassed that of January 2018, with 10 days of trading still to be accounted for.

Sales between January 7th and January 21st were 10% greater for the 1oz Silver Eagle bullion coin than the entirety of January last year, with the US Mint reporting the sale of 3,556,000 coins.

The Mint also reported that it had sold 60,000 ounces of the American Eagle gold bullion coins in the same time period, most of which were 1oz varieties but with additional fractionals such as the half, quarter and tenth ounce versions. This was a more modest 2.5% increase in gold sales for the same time period, but still a good result for the refiner.

American Buffalo gold coins are yet to surpass last year’s figures, but at 21,000 ounces sold they look set to match or better the 24,000 ounces sold the year previous.

The news is a welcome change for the US Mint after we reported figures from late last year which showed a sharp drop in demand for American Eagle coins. Bullion might be a safe haven, but coins are still finding their way in the modern world as a new generation discovers them and begins either their investment portfolios or their coin collections.