The price of fuel continues to rise, with the RAC reporting yesterday that the cost of filling the average petrol tank is now above £100.

On Wednesday the UK fuel market witnessed the largest daily price jump in 17 years, with a 2.23p per litre rise in price, and this trickled over into Thursday to push the cost to this milestone.

According to the RAC Foundation, the average price of petrol is currently around 182.3p; a 41.41% price rise from the 106p per litre of May 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Other agencies, such as the AA, are advising drivers to reduce their travel and make shorter journeys in an attempt to

Industry insiders are now calling for more government assistance as March’s fuel duty cut of five pence has been dwarfed by the price rise of 25p per litre in the in the two months since, with reductions in VAT touted as the best remedy to alleviate driver pain in the short-term.