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Royal Mint Bullion

BullionByPost is an official partner of The Royal Mint. We sell thousands of British gold and silver bullion coins every month direct to private investors of all types. As the UK's No.1 online bullion dealer, we sell Royal Mint bullion coins at very low margins above the spot price, and offer free fully insured delivery on all orders.

The Royal Mint is a world-renowned producer of bullion coins, with a history stretching back hundreds of years. Royal Mint bullion offers investors the opportunity to buy traditional, beautiful designs.

Royal Mint bullion Sovereigns

The Sovereign is one of the best known bullion coins in the world, and often called the flagship product of the Royal Mint. The current style of Sovereign has been in production since 1817, giving it an additional historic interest. We stock brand new bullion Sovereign coins at low margins ideal for investment, directly sourced from the Royal Mint's refinery in south Wales. The Sovereigns are 22-carat gold, and sport the traditional St George and the Dragon design. A Sovereign weighs 7.98 grams and contains exactly 7.3224 grams of pure gold.

A 2019 Royal Mint bullion Sovereign coin.

In addition to new Sovereigns, we also offer mixed year bullion Sovereigns which represent better value for money. Due to their relatively small size, gold Sovereigns offer investors great flexibility and are one of the most recognisable bullion coins in the world. Discounts are available based on quantity.

Royal Mint Britannia coins

The Britannia has become the UK's official 1oz bullion coin, launched in response to the growing popularity of the Krugerrand. We stock both gold and silver Britannia coins at low premiums, making them ideal for investment.

The 1oz gold Britannia coin is 24 carat purity and contains exactly 31.10348 grams of pure gold - one troy ounce. This is a new coin specification in place since the 2013 gold Britannia, while all older versions of the coin were 22 carat.

Gold Britannia coins typically represent better value for money than Sovereigns due to their larger size, and offer investors a good balance between value and flexibility. Discounts are available based on quantity.

View our 2020 Gold Britannia | View specific year Gold Britannias

The silver Britannia bullion coin has quickly become the most popular silver investment coin in the UK, and a popular choice with international investors looking for the Royal Mint's classic design. Silver Britannia coins are pure .999 silver, and contain exactly 31.10348 grams of fine silver. The 1oz silver Britannia offers investors great flexibility, and is often purchased in addition to gold bullion as part of a well-balanced investment portfolio. Discounts are available based on volume.

View our 2020 Silver Britannia | View our Best Value Silver Britannias

We also sell the limited edition Oriental Border gold and silver Britannias. Based on the Chinese rooms at Buckingham Palace and the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, these coins have been released as special commemoration of the Royal Mint's new business venture in south-east Asia. The first edition was released in 2018, and the success of the range has seen the Mint release a new, alternative design for both 2019 and 2020.

Please note: 2020 will be the FINAL year that Oriental Britannias will be issued by the Royal Mint.

Only 5,000 gold coins and 100,000 silver coins have been minted for the 2020 oriental border Britannia series, so make sure to get yours while stock lasts!

View the Gold Oriental Britannia | View the Silver Oriental Britannia

Royal Mint Commemorative Series

In addition to it's more focused bullion offerings like the Britannia and Sovereign, the Royal Mint also produces a number of commemorative and collectable series. These offer investors the same high quality bullion coins, but with limited numbers, and changing designs.

Some of the popular series we stock include the Queen's Beasts series, and the Lunar New Year series.

Why buy Royal Mint bullion coins?

Due to their status as British legal tender, Royal Mint bullion coins are Capital Gains Tax free.
They are ideal for wealthy British individuals looking to spend £50,000 or more who already
pay Capital Gains Tax, or for those who anticipate making large gains on their gold, therefore
having to pay CGT in the future.

The CGT exemption applies to Sovereigns, Britannias, and special series coins such as the
Queen's Beast and Lunar collections.

The tax benefits can help maximise profits when you sell you coin, ensuring that all proceeds
remain yours. When coupled with investment gold's exemption from VAT, this make Royal Mint
bullion coins a great way to make a cost-effective investment.

Click here to view the brand new 2020 Royal Arms 1oz gold coin.

Gold coins or bars: which is the better buy?

Gold bars are often the cheaper to buy as they are cheaper to make, simply put. Gold coins must
undergo a much more lengthy and intricate manufacturing process. In contrast, bars are
manufactured as cost effectively as possible, with less time and expense taken up on elements
such as design, which might add no extra value to the coin. With this in mind, gold bars are a
better way to invest in gold for the majority of investors.

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