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Coin collector name

A coin collector is more formally called a 'numismatic' or 'numismatist'. The word numismatic means the study or collection of currency. This covers tokens, paper money, coins and medals. It also means a person who studies or collects currencies. As such, there is no name for a coin collector specifically, but it is the most common subsection of numismatics.

coin collection

What is a coin collector called?

As mentioned above, a coin collector will usually be called a numismatist. Besides the study of coins, numismatics also includes tokens and paper money, plus their histories. It is then, strictly speaking, a broader field than pure coin collecting. In common usage, though, the two terms, 'coin collecting' and 'numismatic' are interchangeable.

In English, the word numismatic originated in the late eighteenth century from the French ' numismatiques' , meaning coin.

Collectible silver Denarius coin

Ancient Roman silver Denarius coin of Emperor Augustus

Described as the hobby of kings, coin collecting has long been a popular pastime. One of the first known coin collectors was the Roman Emperor Augustus, who reigned for forty years from 27 BC – AD 14.

The Italian antiquarian Bartolomeo Borghesi, 1781–1860, was the first leading figure in the establishment of numismatics as a scholarly science. In Rome he catalogued many famous coin collections, including that of Vatican for Pope Pius VII.

Renowned coin collector/numismatist - Bartolomeo Borghesi

A half bronze statue of Bartolomeo Borghesi, 1781–1860, located in San Marino.
He was a renowned antiquarian and helped establish the science of numismatics.

There are many famous people who enjoy coin collecting, including Paul McCartney, Nicole Kidman, Jack Black, and President Donald Trump. The 2008 film 'Fool's Gold' - a story about treasure hunting - led actors Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson to develop their own interest in collectible coins.

Numismatics is a fascinating hobby. These are just some of the reasons it is so popular:

  • Coin are, in themselves, often very attractive items
  • Coin designs capture moments of history, time, and world events
  • Coins are potent symbols of nationality and geography
  • There are thrills and competition to finding rare examples
  • Plus, it can be fun to display coin albums and share them with others
  • Collecting coins, particularly precious metal gold and silver coins, can be financially rewarding

Coin collecting as an investment

Physical precious metals, particularly gold, are used as safe haven investments. In time of crisis, gold has tended to hold its value when other investments fall in price. Precious metals also add diversity to financial portfolios and act as a hedge against other investments.

In the form of coins, precious metals have tax advantages not enjoyed by simple bars of metal. Gold, silver other precious metal coins are not subject to Capital Gains Tax and gold coins are exempt from VAT. Therefore, rare and collectible precious coins enjoy value both as collectible items and as pure metal, and this is known as a semi-numismatic coin. The age and origin of the coin can have an impact on it's tax implications, so do check with an expert first.

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