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How much is a gold coin worth?

Like gold bars and ingots, the price of a gold bullion coin is not fixed and depends on a number of variables. At it's simplest, working out how much a gold coin is worth will be based on its weight, gold purity and the gold spot price. Although many gold coins are assigned nominal face values, in reality they are worth considerably more in terms of their fine gold content. The real value of a gold bullion coin is therefore calculated by multiplying its pure gold content by the current gold spot price.

Customer can see how much their gold coin is worth via our sell pages, with live prices for many popular coins. For fractional coins not listed you can simply divide the normal figure by the appropriate amount. For example a 1/2oz gold Britannia will be worth half the value of a 1oz Britannia.

Gold is typically used as an investment portfolio diversifier and a ‘safe-haven’ due to its proven ability to maintain a high value. In times of economic or geopolitical turbulence, when confidence is low, its appeal as an investment soars, causing the price to rise. Conversely, bullion becomes less popular when things are going well and investors seek higher-risk and potentially higher-yield assets, causing the price to fall.

Unlike silver investments, the price of a gold coin is not impacted by factors such as VAT, as gold bullion has been exempt in the UK since 2000. Furthermore, due to their status as legal tender, British coins such as Britannias and gold Sovereigns are also exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) in the United Kingdom. This makes them especially worthwhile investments as you will not have to pay tax on your profits should you sell your coins for more than you paid for them.

How much is a gold coin worth today?

As mentioned above, the first way to work out much your gold coin is worth will be to use today's gold price, and the metal content. This will give you the coin's most basic metal value, and for the typical bullion coin this will be a good indication of what it is worth.

When selling the coin you may get slightly below this figure depending on what rate the dealer offers. This will cover their costs to test and process the coin.

In some cases however, a gold coin may be worth more than the basic metal value, depending on it's collectability. There can be many factors that determine how much a collectible coin is worth. The coin may have been produced to a higher standard than a normal bullion gold coin, such a Proof or Brilliant Uncirculated coin. It may also be a commemorative coin, with limited mintage numbers, and marking a key event or person.

Working out how much a collectable gold coin is worth is far more difficult. A keen buyer may be willing to pay far above the coin's metal value, but could take a lot longer to find. Selling quicker or to a dealer will likely be a trade off on value for an easier sale.

If you have a gold coin and would like to know how much it would be worth, then BullionByPost will be happy to help. Send a clear photo of each side of the coin to and one of our experts will get back to you with a quote.

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