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New coins

New coins are issued every year by mints across the globe. In the United Kingdom, Her Majesty’s Treasury is responsible for directing The Royal Mint to strike new coins. The quantities and denominations of new common currency coins to be released are determined by demand. In its calculations, the Treasury will also consider the existing number of coins in circulation.

The number of new coins that are issued varies greatly each year. With the growing use of electronic payment, and increasing discussions regarding a ‘cashless society’, the number of new circulation coins being issued is slowly declining. New currency coins are then released through cash centres, before going into circulation via banks and the post offices.

In addition to common currency, the Treasury will also sanction the Mint to strike commemorative, and bullion coins, struck for investors and collectors. Bullion and commemorative coins are sold through coin specialists, such as BullionByPost.

For investors the age of these coins is of little concern – a 2024 Sovereign is no different necessarily than a 2000 Sovereign – but for collectors a new coin each year is a new addition to a collection. Outside of these traditional annual coins, The Royal Mint will often issue new coins in their collectible series’ such as the Tudor Beasts and Myths & Legends.

New non-UK coins

Other countries follow broadly the same procedure as the UK. Most have their own national mints, which produce new coins as directed by their government treasuries or national banks.

As well as new common currency coins, most foreign mints also strike bullion and commemorative coins. The Sovereign and Britannia coins are the UK’s leading bullion pieces, but globally other countries also have their own national coins. Read more about the world's most popular bullion coins.

New coins 2024 UK

New coins for the UK in 2024 have already begun to be issued, with the Britannias, Tudor Beasts, Myths & Legends, and Sovereign range all receiving 2024 issues so far.

After 2022 and 2023 saw the upheaval of a change in monarch for the first time in 70 years, 2024 is expected to represent the first settled year, with the official portrait of King Charles III now a more familiar sight on our coins.

New coins coming out

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BullionByPost is an authorised distributor for The Royal Mint and supplies many coins from internationally-renowned mints. We stock new bullion coins as and when they are released. All of these new coins come at competitive prices, with free, fully insured delivery.

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